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Greetings Yogis!

We have been producing high quality Yoga DVDs since 2004 and we are here for YOU during this time of social distancing.  Don’t give up your Yoga Practice because it is your oxygen mask for getting through these times with self-care and resiliency!

  • All of our DVDs are FREE with $6.95 shipping and handling to the U.S.
  • We have lots more FREE Yoga Videos on YogaVista.TV, our streaming video library.  Check it out and subscribe and receive 30-Days FREE!

May you be Happy, Healthy and Free from Harm!

Sherry Zak Morris, Certified Yoga Therapist

Founder of YogaJP and Yoga Vista


We are liquidating ourYoga DVDs | Order while Supplies Last!

Anyone can do Yoga, regardless of age, size, or physical limitation and each of our
instructional videos are created specifically to make Yoga work for unique body types.

From Gentle, Senior, and Chair Yoga to Somatic and Therapeutic Yoga, our videos will meet you
where you are today and help you get to a better tomorrow and beyond.

FREE! Yoga Streaming Yoga Videos  | on YogaVista.TV

Testimonials | what people are saying 

This is by far the best video library I have ever seen on line!

This is by far the best video library I have ever seen on line!  I loved the way the order was set up- easy to find what was relevant to me.

~Patsy, Laguna Woods, California

Yoga education - this is like a wonderful bonus feature, as a yoga teacher

Navigation – this is working well for me, am able to skip ahead, go in and out from page to page. I really appreciate this, nice to have these grouped together.

Carla in Ohio

I really like the layout of of the videos.

It seems easier to scroll through. It looks very professional too.

Louise in Massachusetts

I've been exploring the new platform and using it exclusively for my daily yoga practice.

The videos have much more stability. It’s easy to find a selection for the day.

Sandy, Hopewell, Virginia

I am thrilled with the improvements you have made in navigation

Volume quality in the videos, and the volume of videos we have right at our finger tips.

Mindi, Atlanta, Georgia

Great idea to be similar to Netflix, so looks very familiar and is as easy to use.

I was pleasantly surprised to see the “continue to watch” section….impressed because sometimes it is difficult to remember what you left unfinished because life calls you.

Angela from the Gold Coast , Queensland , Australia

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