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When our bodies are called to duty, will they perform? Can we lift something heavy, trek up a hill, wipe up a spill on the floor? Funny thing about these types of physical movements is that we never know when we will be called to perform.

One of our Gentle Yoga students flew to Germany to help a friend pack and stayed in a 3 story apartment for a month. Every day she had to walk up and down the stairs (no lift available!) and she was amazed that her “bad knees and bad back” was able to handle the demands… without an issue. She told me this week that she KNOWS it was because of all the Yoga movements and poses we do in class that helped strengthen her body to perform. She was amazed and oh-so proud of herself!

So when we practice Sun Salutations or Chair Yoga Dances, they help with our cardio-vascular endurance. When we practice our forward bends, they help with our ability to reach down to the floor. When we practice our strong Warrior and Tree poses, they help strengthen our muscles to walk up and down hills and steps. When we practice Yoga… we do just that! Practice for some real-life scenario that is bound to come our way some day soon. Be ready! Keep up your Yoga “practice”!


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