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Can You Still Squat? And Why You Should

If you still can squat… Great, keep doing it!  If you can’t because of bad knees and hips, then read on. Squatting is fundamental to our physical independence. It is what gets us up and down off the floor, stooping down to feed our pet, or exploring life with a toddler. But squatting, like every other function in our body… if we don’t use it we will lose it!
Besides the obvious benefit of healthy knee and hip flexion and joint flexibility, a squat gives our low back a big long stretch! It’s actually one of the daily recommended antidotes to sitting which compresses our spine.   If you have low back tightness and pain, think about gently moving into a halfway squat to start out. This video gives you 3 squat options and a “Go for it Double-Dare-You” pose at the end.

Can You Still Squat? Try these Squat Basics and even a Squat Deluxe

Needless to say, squatting is beneficial to our elimination system. If you want to know more specifics, check out the Squatty Potty I recently saw on the Shark Tank! Makes sense doesn’t it?

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