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What Is Normal Aging?

Something happens to our bodies as we enter midlife. No matter if you have been a health nut or exercise fanatic your whole life, or tend toward the couch potato syndrome, or anywhere in between..... some changes seem to be inevitable.…

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Straight as a Pencil!

Straight As A Pencil!

When I first really started embracing the study of Anatomy, I found it so incredibly logical and magical!  Take for instance our joints.  Our joints hate compression (think knee pain when walking up the steps)... but our joints love extension…

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Our Muscles of Independence!

Our Muscles Of Independence!

As we move around doing our daily routines, we don't think much about what muscles and bones we are using. Probably only an anatomy geek or a Yoga Teacher would think about things like that! But, let's take a moment…

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Stop Shuffling! Walk with a Confident Stride

Our hip flexors are our gait muscles. They help propel us forward with every step we take. The tighter these muscles, the shorter our walking gait can become. That can lead to tentative movements and more trips and falls.  Many…

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No Grimacing in Yoga Class

If you've had any sort of injury or health setback, the number one thing likely on your mind is to get back to normal! I have seen the body heal itself in so many ways given the right conditions -…

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