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Why Grandmas Love Yoga!

We ran a contest to give away three FREE Healthy Grandma Yoga DVD sets because we wanted to hear why Grandmas love Yoga. Here are the randomly picked winners and some of the great responses we received: 3 WINNERS! I…

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A Tip for a Tweaky Knee – Try This!

"How long have you been practicing Yoga?" I was recently asked. That was a hard question for me to answer. Reason being is that I have always, always been one who did stretches every night before I went to bed.…

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Why Change Keep our Brains Sharp

Hmmmm.. just reading an interesting article today about how to keep our minds sharp as we age.  Exercise and diet came high on the list, but one other important aspect is  - CHANGE!  As in teaching the old dogs the…

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Yoga: Should it be Cautious or Challenging?

Yoga: Should It Be Cautious Or Challenging?

Yoga is a lot about finding and enjoying the peace and stillness we seem to have too little of these days. But, there is something beyond the breathing, stretching, bending and twisting. I believe it is the invisible benefits of…

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