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Cert-Online Chair Yoga Dance Training

Program Description

My Online Chair Yoga DANCE! Training and Certification Program was created to help you put that extra sugar, spice and joy into your life!  Whether you are a Teacher or not…. this Program is so much fun and you will master 8 of my Dances by the the end.

I had fun creating this online program so that it is educational, stimulating and accessible to anyone who loves to move with music!  You will have continual access to the growing library of my Chair Yoga Dances as well as dances from other Graduates.

OPTIONAL CERTIFICATION  – For those who want to be Certified in Chair Yoga Dance, you must include one full originally-choreographed Dance along with the 2 Chair Yoga Dances in your Final Teachback.

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This Certification program provides you with the most fun, entertaining and enlightening Yoga Training Program for Chair Yoga Dance.

  • Regular Certification Price: $495
  • Pay in Full Price: $420.75

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Learning Objectives

  • Learn how to teach and create safe, effective, fun and accessible seated and standing Chair Yoga Dances
  • Gain an understanding of the modular structure for learning and teaching Chair Yoga Dances that is applicable to any style of dance and/or genre of music.
  • Learn the components of a song structure and how they relate to movement patterns
  • Learn quick and easy ways to remember the Dances and how to share the movements with your students in a comprehensive yet short way
  • Gain an understanding of video filming and editing to help bring your Yoga teachings and Dances into the online video world.
  • Access the creativity of all the Chair Yoga Dance Graduates in our every growing Dance Library.

Training Materials

All Course materials included upon enrollment! Detailed and Illustrated  Downloadable Training Manual includes:

  • Detailed analysis of the “Core 8” Chair Yoga Dances from various genres and styles (more dances are continually added as they are created and developed)
  • 5-Part Instructional and entertaining Online Videos for each Dance to reinforce learning
  • Detailed handouts for each of the Chair Yoga Dances in the Program with detailed Pose Photos, Lyrics and Movement sequences
  • Repeatable Methodologies and Modular Design for creating your own Chair Yoga Dances
  • Detailed Discussions on song selection, movement selection, cueing, designing and sequencing, music and song selection, lyric structure, video filming, etc.

A Creative and Fun Learning Adventure!

Vicki Salisbury, Queensland, AUSTRALIA
Yoga Vista Academy Certified Chair Yoga and Chair Yoga Dance Teacher

“I’ve been fortunate to participate in her on-line pilot Yoga Dance project with teachers across the world, to collaborate on this innovative movement program. This is a well-conceived, unique and comprehensive course, with quality resources, well produced videos, that are supplemented with useful handouts. The course includes information from anatomy of aging, to song structure, from the how’s’ and whys’ of choreography to teaching safely to seniors. Sherry provides plenty of examples, complete with scenic backdrops, to communicate the information needed for yoga teachers to incorporate Chair Yoga Dance into our tool kit.”

FUN Video Tutorials to go with Every Song and Dance!


Olga Danilevich, Toronto, CANADA
Chair Yoga Dance Teacher
The course is so well thought through. I really love the methodology you used, the structure of this course, clear, step-by-step instructions. And it’s so inspiring! I believe and hope that many teachers will take this course and will spread joy and healing on all level to many-many people!

Karen Wexler, Del Ray Beach, Florida, USA
Yoga Vista Academy Chair Yoga Teacher
I think it is really brilliant how you lay this out. It makes sense to me, even if sometimes I need to re-watch to make sure I understand, that is just how I need to learn. But this is broken down into all the necessary aspects, lyrics, song structure, movement/choreography, and each builds upon the other allowing for the repetition that is necessary for really learning the dance.

Karen Roberts, AUSTRALIA
Yoga Vista Academy Certified Chair Yoga and Chair Yoga Dance Teacher
Once again I found Sherry’s Dance Program an excellent professional training program. The videos were presented with a high level of technical expertise while the actual content was creative and imaginative, detailed and very easy to understand. The variety of dances means everyone can find dances and music they really like and respond to. People in my classes absolutely love these dances.

Hope Rizzo-Carroll, Oronoco, Minnesota, USA
Yoga Vista Academy Certified Chair Yoga Teacher
The online material not only helped me learn it faster, but I felt more confident.

Carol Daly, Jackson Heights, New York, USA
Yoga Vista Academy Certified Chair Yoga Teacher
To me there is nothing like this that I have come across. Teachers need this kind of calm and clear format and the videos visuals and reassurance! It’s at the same time detailed and comprehensive but fun!

Susan Rowen, Ontario, CANADA
Yoga Vista Academy Certified Chair Yoga Teacher
I followed along with the lyrics, noting the beats per segment. Creating movements for each section seemed logical and fun and I could visualize some alternate patterns that I might want to use with my students. I was doing the dance along with the videos and was surprised by how energetic it felt even though the movements are so simple and slow. I like the format.

Tammy Brinkmann, Washington, Missouri, USA
Yoga Vista Academy Chair Yoga Teacher
The first time I learned about YOU was on-line. I was researching ideas on yoga training and with the click of a button found you dancing to Living on the Corner of Joy and Gratitude. I felt your big heart and love for your students come through the computer screen that day. As I danced along and couldn’t quit smiling, I knew you had something special to offer and had to find out more. Fast forward to today and I have completed the on-line Chair Yoga training as well as my Teachback. I include several of your dances in my current SilverSneakers classes. The River is their favorite. I love the fact you are teaching us your methodology to teach our own dances. (this is what I signed up for!)

Marcela Kohn, PANAMA
Yoga Vista Academy Certified Chair Yoga Teacher
In my personal case I feel that this is wonderful for older adults. Every day I discover more the desire to live to enjoy that they have, I am surprised, I am fascinated, it is like that playful part that lacked yoga, they love to meditate, but I feel this part as a meditation in movement, although none of the musical themes are slow, they expect this part as children waiting for their candy, this is what fascinates me.

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