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“A Hitch in your Giddy‐up” is such a descriptive term, isn’t it?  That steady, straight gait of ours can be slightly off if we are favoring our “good knee” or compensating for that low back twinge.  Over time though, those hitches and compensations can cause asymmetry in our bodies and even more pain.  That is why I love the study and practice of Somatics because it brings into our conscious awareness some of the habitual movements we do that we truly
can reverse with practice.

James Knight is our Gentle Somatic Yoga Expert and is the mentor teacher to both myself and Julia Tanner Ivanovna in the area of somatics. All three of us incorporate somatic movements into our Gentle Yoga teachings and Yoga DVDs because they are so powerful. It takes a bit of time and concentration to do these movements, but that is the purpose… to really lock in your awareness and connect your mind to your body!  Give this one a try!

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