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A show of hands in a roomful of 40+ yr olds will unequivocally show that the majority of people have some form of osteoarthritis. The location may differ, but the common complaint of pain when moving a joint is universal.

The reasons for osteoarthritis are many – from overuse, to obesity, injuries, dysfunctional movement patterns and/or genetics, etc. If you have osteoarthritis – keep moving and exercise your joints daily! When your joints are inflamed, take it easy with gentle range-of-motion movements. Then as your joints warm-up, work on strengthening the muscles around the joint (knees and hips especially!).

Watch out for habitual movement patterns that could aggravate the joint (like leaning on one hip, locking your knees, hunching your shoulders, clenching your fingers while sleeping, etc.) And lastly, find an activity like walking, swimming and Yoga to build your endurance and encourage proper joint movements.

Osteoarthritis may be in your cards, but healthy movements will keep you in the game!

Did you know Osteoarthritis often sets into the hands first? Why? Because those are the joints we use most often! Here are a few Finger and Hand movements (aka “Yoga snacks”!) to bring in circulation and provide pain relief to your stiff joints.
Led by Justine Shelton, AVI-Certified Viniyoga Therapist specializing in Gentle Yoga Therapy for Joint Health and Back Care.

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