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I read an interesting book called Move Your DNA: Restore Your Health Through Natural Movement by Katy Bowman. The author of the book calls us to stop the “shoulds” of exercising and just enjoy moving. I like this concept a lot because it reinforces that movement is a natural and important part of staying mobile and healthy.

We don’t need to drive to the gym, run to the neighborhood park, grab the barbells, or even put on a Yoga DVD to get our “exercise” in.  If we just started moving more, we could gain just as much benefit without even thinking about scheduling our exercise routine into our day! And the added bonus is that movement helps keep our minds open and flexible!

“Stagnant muscles create stagnant minds”, shared 97-yr old Yoga Teacher, Tao Porchon-Lynch in her latest Ted Talk Video. How could this be so?  What do our muscles have to do with our minds? It’s simple physiology, really! Moving our bodies stimulates blood flow to every tissue and cell. That flow vitalizes and energizes us so we can do more things, learn more things and enjoy more things.

Every day, in some small way, move the moving parts of you! Fidget! Point and flex your toes, circle your ankles, reach your arms up high, bend down to pick something, and twist when you look behind you. These simple movements are so easy and beneficial, you might just skip the treadmill without any guilt!

If you blame age for making your joints and muscles stiff and painful, think again. Just because you are not 30 years old any longer doesn’t mean our natural body mechanics should degrade. Yoga helps to move the “moving parts” of you to keep you feeling loose, flexible, strong and energetic. Enjoy this 30-minute Gentle Yoga class to loosen up and feel strong again!

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Keep Moving!
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