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“If not now, Tell me When”by Carrie Newcomer is one of my favorite songs.  The song title says it all.

When people find out I am a yoga teacher, I somehow bring out the guilt in them and they share with me the reasons why they don’t do yoga, or at least .. not now. Here are the top 4 comments I hear:

  • I’ll do Yoga when I Feel Better
  • When my life slows down, I’ll come back to yoga
  • I can’t touch my toes
  • I have chronic “fill‐in‐the‐blank”…

What most people forget is that yoga is a Healing Modality.  What does that mean?  It means yoga is a remedy.  If you are sick, you would take your medicine to get better, right? That is what Yoga does ‐ it helps you breathe through pain, calms you in stressful times, and especially if you have a chronic condition ‐ it helps you bear the weight of that heavy load.  Remember, just a few yoga stretches and some deep breathing every day improves your health ‐ just like your daily vitamins!

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