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“How many calories do you burn in a Gentle or Chair Yoga Class?” When I get this question, I know I have a long road ahead of me.  Back in my youthful days, I gravitated toward exercises that would give me the biggest bang for my calorie buck.  I figured, if I had to do the work, I might as well get thebenefit.  Now that I am older and wiser (?), I see that there is so much more to this whole body‐mind‐spirit equation.

When I first started practicing Gentle Yoga, I did it because my life was too busy, too hectic and too stressful ‐ and my body felt like a tight knot.  For someone with my high‐energy temperament, it was harder than climbing a mountain or running a marathon.  And actually, those “exercises” sounded more interesting and challenging than a slow, mindful yoga practice that focused on breathing, stretching and being in the present moment.

Now decades later, I understand the difference between exercises that burn calories and yoga, and why we need a balance of both.  I read recently that yoga gives you time to explore and ask the question “How is my well‐being?”  That answer is the key to your health! And one of the reasons I so much love the practice of Somatic Yoga because it gives you the tools to answer that question.

Take time to slow down and enjoy a Gentle or Chair Yoga class!

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