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Meet the Creator of Chair Yoga, Mary Cavanaugh
Do you remember your first Yoga class? When you had no idea if you were doing things the “right way”? Or when you asked your body to do something and it said “no way!” If you stuck with your Yoga practice, then you’ve probably seen or felt alot of changes in your body… even perhaps in the way you think. I love the saying “a flexible body creates a flexible mind!” So true!
How Yoga Changes as we Age
Our Yoga practice will change as we age. In our 50’s plus, we are more in body maintenance mode rather than in body building mode. This means we don’t have to push, pull and hold as often as we need to flow, bend and breathe. Yoga in our mid years and beyond can help us improve, or even get rid of, the binds we have in our bodies….. the tight neck, the bum knee, the aching back.  These aging aches can be relieved with simple movements you do every day!
Mary and Sherry, 2004 Founders of

Something About Mary

My first Yoga class was with Mary Cavanaugh, the Creator of Chair Yoga. She was 79 years old at the time and she totally changed my perspective on aging with her Gentle Yoga style. Mary gave my mind, body and heart permission to “take it easy” and just focus on moving, and not pounding or sweating! Mary and I became good friends and we founded YogaJP together. She was in the first Yoga video we produced!  And now we have 100’s of videos that bring, Gentle, Senior and Chair Yoga to the world.
There is something about Mary that exudes grace, spunk and healthy aging. Here she is in our first Yoga DVD which we recently converted to a streaming video along with many others of our popular DVDs. “Gentle Yoga for Seniors with Mary Cavanaugh“.
(20 min) Yoga with a Chair - Standing with Mary Cavanaugh, Creator of Chair Yoga
(20 min) Yoga with a Chair – Seated and Standing with Mary Cavanaugh, Creator of Chair Yoga
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