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If you’ve had any sort of injury or health setback, the number one thing likely on your mind is to get back to normal! I have seen the body heal itself in so many ways given the right conditions – rest, good nutrition, gentle movements and patience!  But, I see a certain profile of a student that looks at their healing process as just “Get ‘er Done!” I see them pushing themselves, over-doing themselves and heaven forbid …. grimacing in Yoga class!
I caught one 70+ yr old student this week pulling and yanking on her “bum” shoulder and literally grimacing the whole time. After class, I asked her why she was grimacing so much and she said “I  just want my shoulder to get better!” I suggested to her rather than pushing too far into a stretch, she should dance with it. Meaning… move to where you feel the heightened sensation and then back off it.  Exhale and move to that spot again, and then let go. Flow in and out with it, rather than pushing into it.
Trust that your body will guide you into the safe movements and range of motion it needs for the healing process to happen. When you and your body are in sync, the dance is beautiful! And there are only smiles and no grimaces!
Don’t get discouraged! I pulled a hamstring bowling and it took me 3 years to completely heal. Yes, it was a bummer that I couldn’t do all  I wanted to do, but my gentleness and patience paid off!
Happy and Safe Healing!
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