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Pec Release Trio: 3 Stretches for Tight Pectoral Muscles

“Tight Pecs” Who has them? Computer Workers, Weight lifters, Car drivers, Furniture Movers, Knitters/Crafters, Assemblers, Senior citizens… and just about anyone and everyone who uses their arms in a forward position for an extended period of time.

When these muscles tighten, they pull the shoulder forward and the neck downward. This starts the snowball affect of poor posture, neck pain and limited shoulder mobility which can lead to injuries.

Our pectoral muscles help to both stabilize and move our shoulders. Every arm movement from lifting, reaching and throwing uses these muscles. When they are tight from rounding our shoulders forward way too often… movement can be limited.

These 3 stretches are simply delicious in how they make you feel afterwards… like you can flap your wings and fly!

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