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Chair Yoga Dance DVD with Olga Danilevich


With Olga Danilevich, Certified Chair Yoga Teacher

For Beginners, Seniors, Rehabilitation & Everyone who Loves to Dance!

50 Minutes, 9-Dance Seated Chair Yoga Series plus Relaxing Meditation and 5-Dance Easy Starter Series

Retail Price: $29.95
Download & Stream: $24.99


Improve your balance and cardiovascular fitness, develop greater flexibility and increase your strength, mobility and visual skills while dancing and having fun! Perfect for Seniors and anyone who wants to put the Joy in exercising!Enjoy the selection of eight active and relaxing Seated Chair Yoga Dances that make your body more flexible and mobile, your mind sharper, your spirit stronger and your heart more joyful!


Seated Chair Yoga Dances  include the inspiring music of David Newman, Linda Worster, Kevin MacLeod and others.


Breath Dances
Focuses on gentle breathing practices that opens the body, strengthesn respiratory system , and increases breath awareness.

Deeply soothing, rhythmical, and relaxing sequence that integrates breath and movement, restores full diaphragmatic breathing, improves the feeling of well-being and vitality.

Body Warm-ups
Increasing blood circulation, getting the muscles loose, active, warm, and ready for action.

Rhythmical dynamic sequences with elevating music for relieving tension and stress, increasing focus, cardiovascular fitness and endurance, improving neural function and co-ordination

Stretching and Strengthening Sequences
Dances for improving joint flexibility and range or motion, bringing a sense of confidence and strength without fatigue.

Increasing energy and endurance, self-confidence, agility, balance and coordination

Encore LIVE! 2 Popular Dances LIVE with Seniors!

Join in the vibrant energy of a roomful of Seniors at the Yoga Vista Studio in Vista, California as they sway, laugh, sing and dance to two of Olga’s most popular Chair Yoga Dances!


About Olga:

Olga is a Yoga Alliance registered Yoga teacher and founder of Open Heart Yoga. She teaches Gentle Therapeutic Yoga, Yoga for Seniors and Chair Yoga Dance in Toronto, Canada. Her love for dance and desire to use it as a therapeutic tool for Seniors inspired her to create an innovative Chair Yoga Dance program which has all the elements of a structured Yoga class. Olga believes that music and dance can immediately connect us with our inner joy, which is our true nature. For more info on Olga’s work, visit

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