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Chair Yoga DVD Set

$49.90 $34.90


led by 79-yrs young Gentle Yoga Teacher, Paula Montalvo

2-DVD Set! Includes Gentle Chair Yoga Seated Series DVD and
Gentle Chair Yoga Standing Series DVD

Complete Gentle Full Body Exercises and Stretches for Seniors and Midlifers
Optional Captions for the hearing impaired

70 Minutes


This 2-DVD set includes both the Seated Chair poses and the Standing Chair poses. Seated Chair poses focus on upper body, arms, hands and lower body stretches and are great for arthritis and joint mobility. The Standing Chair poses work on balance, strength and muscle tone so that you can keep doing what you are doing! Enjoy both as part of your regular daily exercise.

About Paula:

Paula is a Registered Yoga Teacher and recently retired from a long career as a Family Counselor. She is pursuing her dream and passion for teaching Gentle and Chair Yoga to seniors and office workers in Southern California. In 2005, she completed her 200 hour training with master teacher Lanita Varshell at A Gentle Way Yoga Studio in La Mesa. Paula specializes in Gentle Senior and Chair Yoga. Paula’s YouTube Channel


Gentle enough for beginners, seniors, wheelchair or homebound individuals who need some movement and relief! Three individual series and a Bonus Guided Meditation:

Upper Body Stretches

– offers gentle seated movements to improve posture, breathing and spinal mobility


Hands and Arms Sequences

– counteracts arthritis symptoms by increasing mobility and range of motion for better dexterity and coordination


Lower Body Stretches

– facilitates spinal movements in all directions to strengthen the core, open the hips and release tension in the back


Back Lengthening and Strengthening

– offers traditional yoga poses such as Mountain, Triangle and Down Dog to encourage proper posture and spinal alignment


Balancing Sequences

– improves your reflexes and agility to reduce the risks of falls and accidents


Strengthening Poses

– tones muscles and strengthens bones for more confidence a

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