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Chair and Gentle Yoga Energizing 18-Class Combo Set – LIVE! Deluxe Series with Sherry Zak Morris

$79.90 $59.95

with Sherry Zak Morris, E-RYT Gentle Yoga Teacher

For Beginners, Seniors and the Physically Challenged.

Gentle Chair and Gentle Yoga

TWO! 3-DVD Sets – Contains 18 full-length Gentle and Chair Yoga classes recorded live at the Yoga Vista Studio – Retail Price: $79.90


Stay motivated by adding diversity to your Gentle Yoga practice! Filmed live at the Yoga Vista Studio in Vista, California, these two DVDs each contain nine different Gentle and Chair Yoga classes ranging from 30, 45 to 60 minutes in length.  Sherry shares her special style of Gentle and Chair Yoga that offers accessible Yoga sequences at a slower pace with shorter holds, but with that little zing of energy that makes us feel alive and happy!

If you are new to Yoga, or just starting up your practice again… start with the Chair Yoga classes first! Once you get the hang of it and feeling stronger, move to the floor with the Gentle Yoga classes. You will find these classes are fun, accessible and “different but familiar” so that you can enjoy more Yoga more often!

Each class offers a well-rounded practice that includes

  • Upper Body Warm-ups and Stretches – release tension and stress in the neck, shoulders and upper back
  • Low Back and Hip Stretches and Strengtheners – build strength and flexibility in the joints and muscles that support the gait, balance and posture
  • Energizing Sequences – increase cardio-vascular endurance through breathwork and big-body movements.

About Sherry:

bio-sherry3Sherry is the co-founder of YogaJP and Co-Founder and Director of the Yoga Vista Academy offering Continuing Education Workshops and online teacher trainings in her specialty areas. After leaving a 25-year corporate high tech career, Sherry purchased the Yoga Vista Studio and continues to expand her expertise and visibility by aligning with partners who serve the same demographic.



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