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Gentle Soma-Kinetics DVD And Manual Super Set



with Erhard Rohrmüller, H.H.P., M.TH., E-RYT500

For Beginners, Midlifers, Seniors, Rehabilitation, Sport Injuries & Weekend Warriors

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2 (60-min) DVDs plus FREE! Downloadable Companion “Myo-Fascial Release Through Movement” Workbook

80 Pages of Illustrated and Annotated Soma-Kinetic Movements for Teachers and Practitioners. Includes every sequence on both Gentle Soma-Kinetics DVDs plus more!


The movements on Erhard’s DVDs are a blend of movement philosophies from Yoga, Pilates, Thai-Chi, Qi-Gong, Somatics, Dance, and Sports and are based on the principle works of Leonardo Da Vinci, the 15th century genius. Leonardo conveyed a very effective code of movement to strengthen and maximize the physical potential of the human body. Erhard “decodes” these movement patterns for the 21st century. Erhard’s movement philosophy behooves us to move multi-directionally to maximize our balance and flexibility.

DVD Chapters Include:

This DVD employs new movement that will create a neo-neurological pathway in your fascial web, replacing inefficient movements and holding patterns.


Side Body Sequences
Exploring torsional and lateral trunk mobility, Psoas and Pectoral release. Increasing Spine mobility.

Movements to release chronic tension and fascial constriction in order to improve range of motion. Perfect complement to sports and linear activities to increase joint and muscle mobility.

Prone Sequences
Articulating neck and shoulder girdle, strengthening lower, middle, and upper back.

Sequences to stabilize the core and mobilize the joints and joint capsules. Encourage fluidity and mobility of the entire spine, especially the neck and shoulders.

Supine Sequences
Focuses on hip openers, shoulder girdle release, and core stability.

Sequences to increase the range of motion in your foundational joints: hips, knees and shoulders, as well as strengthen the muscles that support proper mechanics of the joints. Includes gentle and creative core-strengthening movements to stabilize and strengthen the lower back, pelvis and hips.

BONUS: Relaxing Guided Meditation

Narrated Meditation and Photography by James Knight, Creator of Gentle Somatic Yoga

DVD Chapters Include:

The sequences on this DVD encourage multi-directional movements to maximize balance and flexibility.


Prana and Qi-Gong Flow
Involves slow, relaxed, graceful movements to strengthen and stretch the body and enhance your balance.

Based on the fluid movements of Qi-Gong, these sequences will improve your body awareness while strengthening and toning your muscles. Gain a sense of ease with your body once again and enjoy the flow of movement.

Bamboo Flow
Uses a bamboo stick as an aid with your poses to give you a great sense of support and alignment.

Incorporates multiple disciplines of movement therapies such as traditional standing Yoga poses like Warior and Triangle, along with multi-directional myo-fascial release techniques. Easy movements everyone can enjoy and benefit from.

BONUS: Relaxing Guided Meditation

Narrated Meditation and Photography by James Knight, Creator of Gentle Somatic Yoga


About Erhard:

Erhard is a holistic health practitioner (H.H.P.) Licensed Massage Therapist(M.TH.), Registered Yoga Teacher RYT-E 500, and U.S.C.F. expert Cycling Coach (retired). He is the Founder and Co-Director of the Institute of Somatic Integration and Senior faculty member at the Natural Healing Institute in Encinitas, California. He teaches Somatics, Thai Yoga Massage, Facilitated Stretching, and Myo-Fascia release technique. Erhard presents workshops on Somatics and Soma-Kinetics Education.

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