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Gentle Yoga For Seniors DVD

Gentle Yoga for Seniors with Mary Cavanaugh DVD



led by 82-yr old Gentle Yoga Teacher, Mary Cavanaugh

Yoga therapies for  Seniors & Physically Limited includes three 20 minute yoga therapies that take you through a full progression of yoga poses.


Download & Stream: 15.00


Own the entire compilation of Mary’s unique Yoga for the Physically Challenged series. This set contains three 20 minute yoga therapies that take you through a full progression of yoga poses for those individuals who have limited mobility. BONUS! Special 15-Minute Healing Meditation!

DVD Chapters Include:

This video series is based on Mary’s personal experience as a senior who understood the physical and mental changes that come with age.

Chair Yoga for Balance

– Practice standing, moving and balancing while using the chair for support.

Yoga in a Chair

– Expand your reach and increase your range of motion. Includes arm, back and leg stretches.

Chair Yoga Standing Poses

– Strengthen your muscles and improve your balance. Use the chair for support while you build strength.


About Mary:

Founder of Chair Yoga and Co-Founder of YogaJP, Mary is a nationally recognized yoga instructor, video producer and local TV yoga celebrity. She is the creator of an inspiring collection of Gentle Yoga Videos and television programs focused on staying healthy with Yoga and Meditation. Mary passed away in 2005 at the age of 84, leaving a legacy of Yoga and wellness.

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Dimensions 7 × 5 × 1 in

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