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Tech Worker Membership

$59.00 / year

The YogaJP Tech Worker Membership gives you access to all videos and educational lectures in the Yoga for Tech Worker Video Library

  • Educational Lectures
  • Targeted Yoga classes by Anatomical Focus
  • 5-Minute Deskworker Yoga Stretches
  • Library of full-length Deskworker Yoga Classes (Chair and Gentle Yoga Classes)

Memberships are billed annually.

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Take back your Health, Vitality and Mobility with our Yoga for Tech Worker Series. This Video Library was created specifically for people who work at a desk, who sit and stand for long periods of time… or for those who KNOW they just need to bring more movement into their bodies throughout the day.

This Self-Empowerment Video Library includes:


Lecture Presentation Series

This 5-part Lecture Series takes you through a tour of your body and what happens when you sit for long periods at a time. The Anatomy of the Deskworker will surprise and awe you, and most importantly… educate you on what to do to counteract the affects of sitting way too much!

30-minute Yoga for Tech Worker Classes

Each class focusing on a particular area of your body where you need a bit more opening, releasing and movement. Every class incorporates a full range of motion where you need it most.

Short, Educational Video Vignettes

A team of movement experts give you an indepth look at what is causing your pain and how to remedy your issues with specific holistic and movement practices.


About Sherry:

Sherry is the co-founder of YogaJP and owner of the Yoga Vista Studio. She specializes in Gentle, Senior and Chair Yoga and leads Advanced Gentle Yoga Teacher Training to empower teachers to serve these growing populations. After a 25-year high tech corporate career, Sherry turned to Gentle Yoga for stress relief and believes she has gained back the years stress took away. Sherry now follows her passion and teaches Yoga at senior and rehabilitation centers, libraries, studios and corporate workplaces.

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