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Quick and Effective Yoga “Band-aid” for Low Back Pain

I teach a Deskworker Yoga class at a local high-tech company. There is a 30-something woman with fused cervical vertebrae from years of horseback riding; a man in his mid 50’s with the tightest hamstrings in town who suffers from chronic low back pain due to extreme playing “back in the day!”…. an early 40’s woman who slipped in a mud puddle and tore lots of tendons and ligaments in her shoulder and arm. All of them and more come to this 30-minute Chair Yoga class with the intention of supporting their healing through self-care.

But, the one student who tugs on my heartstrings is a beautiful young mom of two toddlers who has several herniated discs in her low back. I asked her how her injury might have happened and she replied “just being a mom”. She faithfully comes to the Deskworker Yoga class and she says every night she does Vinyasa Yoga which includes fast flowing movements. She admits this active style of Yoga doesn’t really feel good for her back, but she figures all Yoga is good for healing.

I looked into her beautiful searching eyes and said “You are injured right now, be kind and gentle to yourself so your body can heal. You are resilient. Your body wants to heal… give it permission to do so.”

Yes – Yoga IS good for healing. It brings circulation to injured areas, reduces scar tissue and the immobility that can come with it, and it strengthens the structures around the injured area for more stability in the future. But, it takes time for all of these natural healing mechanisms to happen in the body. Not all Yoga movements are beneficial, but the right ones can surely support and encourage proper healing.

Healthy Healing!
Quick and Effective Yoga “Band-aid” for Low Back Pain with Justine Shelton, E-RYT500

Can’t lie flat on the floor or on your belly because of low back pain? Learn what is happening in your spine when you are in those positions, and what you can do to RELIEVE low back pain and bring healing to that area. Certified Viniyoga Therapist, Justine Shelton, discusses why certain Yoga movements are beneficial for your low back and why some are not.

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