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Does Everyone Get Arthritis?

A show of hands in a roomful of 40+ yr olds will unequivocally show that the majority of people have some form of osteoarthritis. The location may differ, but the common complaint of pain when moving a joint is universal.…

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Yoga for the Exhausted

Tired, drained, exhausted, pooped-out, beat .. are all words we use to describe that feeling of just wanting to collapse and rest. Sometimes we feel this way and we haven't even done much physically to warrant feeling so darn tired!…

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“Coming Back After an Injury or Surgery”

From tendinitis, to bone fractures, to mastectomies...people are coming to Yoga to help in their healing process. What is it about Yoga that helps the body heal? Let's look at three basic things: Circulation - Yoga gets you moving! Not just…

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How are your Knees?

Do you know that the Knees are the number one body part most MRIs are used for?  Why is that?  It's because our beautiful knees support the weight of our entire body with every step we take.  We need our knees to be strong…

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Do you have a Hitch in your Giddy‐Up?

"A Hitch in your Giddy‐up" is such a descriptive term, isn't it?  That steady, straight gait of ours can be slightly off if we are favoring our "good knee" or compensating for that low back twinge.  Over time though, those hitches and compensations can…

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