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One of the greatest joys I experience as a Gentle Yoga Teacher is seeing the metamorphosis (def. a marked change in form, texture and physical appearance) of people after they retire.  I have seen many initial retirees panic at the thought of a “new life” and “more time”, in fear that they can’t figure out what the next chapter of their life will be.  I love to watch them blossom in mind, body and spirit as they pursue their passions. Unhindered by physical limitations because of their steady yoga practice… they have the energy and joy of a young child once again!

Bill is a retired school shop teacher who loves to fix things. He first came to my yoga studio with back and feet problems that were limiting his ability to stoop, lift and carry. He was a diligent yoga student and determined to regain his physical abilities ‐ and he sure did!  He now lives on a boat, is part of a crew of competitive rowers and is living his passion with yoga by his side.

Lucy is in her mid 80’s. I knew she had a strong spirit the first time I met her, but her body was very weak and frail. She was determined to attend the Gentle Yoga class where poses are done standing, sitting and lying down rather than the Chair Yoga classes at my studio.  I even had one of my students tell me she was afraid for Lucy because she seemed so unstable. I smiled my knowing smile because a strong spirit is the foundation for building a strong body.  And that she did!  Lucy is now a student at the local Community College, studying photography with the youngsters!  She is setting up a website to share her photos of “seniors doing the things they love”.  We’ll see more from Lucy I am sure!

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