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Remember the Wizard of Oz telling the “searchers” that all they needed to get fixed was already inside of them? The Wizard only brought that concept into their awareness, he didn’t fix any of them! Your ability to feel better, stand taller, balance longer and walk straighter is in the power of the human spirit inside of you. Awareness is where you start.

Here is an exercise I gave to a group of Seniors during a recent Chair Yoga Posture class that I taught at my studio.  Take 2 pictures of yourself: one standing looking straight at the camera, then one of you standing sideways.
Print out the pictures and draw a vertical line through the middle of your body and four horizontal lines across your shoulders, hips, knees and ankles.  Notice what you see.  Are you lopsided, tilted forward or leaning back? Is one foot
pronating, or your knees bowing outward? Is your head forward from your body? Are your joints lined up? If not, now you know!  The power of the Wizard is now yours! You can make some changes to correct your postural alignment because now you are aware.

I gave each student a similar photo analysis and a 6‐month homework assignment: 1) Start being aware of your daily patterns that have etched into your posture and 2) go to a Yoga class 2x/week to learn and practice postural

Mark your calendar for a 6‐month check‐up! Stand Tall!

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