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The Thing About Knees…

pillarsCracking, crunching, grinding knees.  And when the weather changes, the knees feel it first! We get alot of questions about knees… how to keep them healthy, how to reduce pain, how to strengthen them to delay knee surgery, etc. But, the thing about knees is …..  they are only part of the equation. We can’t overlook the health, strength and alignment of our hips and ankles. Those joints sit above and below our knees and help to form what we call the “pillars of your body”. If a part of those pillars are weak, the pillar starts to deteriorate.

I’ve shared this student photo before, and it is worth a second look. What part of the pillar caused this type of degrading posture? You might immediately guess “the knees!” But actually her doctor said her caved-in knees were because of weak hip muscles that could not support the alignment of the pillar. How do you think her balance is? And what about the extra load on her ankles? Do you think she has pain?
If your knees are achy, hurting and feel like they want to give out… standing and walking could be challenging. That’s why I created these two short Seated Segments to help you strengthen your hips and feet. As you do these movements, envision building strong pillars!
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