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Somatic Yoga Video Gallery

(1 Hr) Yoga Vista Live! Gentle Somatic Yoga with Ann Melin, RYT

(50-min) Gentle Soma- Kinetics with Erhard Rohrmuller

(30-min) Gentle Yoga through Somatic Exploration: Upper Extremities Series

(50-min) Gentle Soma- Kinetics Flow with Erhard Rohrmuller

(40-Min) Soma-Kinetic Class - Loosen Up with Erhard Rohrmüller

(25-min) Gentle Yoga through Somatic Exploration: Relaxation and Practice Preparation

(1 Hr) Gentle Somatic Yoga to Unkink the Kinked with James Knight

(40 min) Standing Soma-Kinetics for Balance and Agility with Erhard Rohrmuller

(30 min) Move Your Joints in all the Ways they can Move! with Erhard Rohrmuller

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