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Yoga for the Tech Worker – Yoga Classes

(30-min) A Full Body Stretch to do Every Day! The Flamingo

(30-min) Spine Lengthener and Strengthener Series

(30-min) Stretch Your Way Into Freedom with these Creative Yoga Belt Movements

(30-min) Feeling the Heat with Sun Salutations

(30-min) Chair Yoga Class to Get you Aligned and Feeling Better!

(30-Min) Release Tight Hamstrings with Gentle Yoga stretches and movements

(30-min) Yoga for Tech Worker Class to Open up the Upper Body!

(30-min) Find and Release Trigger Points in your Neck and Shoulders

(30-min) Yoga for Tech Worker Class to Bring Mobility to Your Back!

(20-min) Breathing and Meditation to Feel Calmer!

(30-min) Yoga for Tech Worker Class to Get Things Moving Again!

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