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I finally got it. I finally understand why Yoga is so powerful. Not because it challenges us to do crazy movements or heat up our body to extreme temperatures. But, rather it is much more subtle. It teaches us to tune into ourselves and find out what is going on. “What is that hitch in my walk caused by? Why does my shoulder hurt every time I trim the bushes? Why can’t I sleep at night after I watch a scary or action-packed movie”? These questions may not seem like Yoga at all, but these questions make us stop and wonder why our body is reacting the way it is.

And when we can truthfully answer those questions, we are wiser and more united with our bodies, minds and spirits. And that is what Yoga means “Union”. We are not just our bones, muscles and joints. We are also our thoughts, habits and mental gyrations. So many of our aches, pains and mental gymnastics can be remedied with a wee bit of conscientiousness. Slow down and take notice of your movement patterns and your daily living patterns. Start to correlate and notice what aggravates your issues.

I love the wise words of a dear friend and colleague, Brian Dorfman…. “If something is aggravating your condition – stop it!”

Here’s to less aggravation!

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