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What does your Age have to do with Yoga?

What does our age have to do with our yoga practice? For many people, they say “age is just a number…don’t focus on it”.  But if you are over the age of 50, you know that age has somehow crept into your body.  It may be the sound of your joints popping, clicking, crunching around when you move… or that stiff feeling when you first wake up or move out of a sedentary position.  So, what do we do about this age thing in our bodies?  Move!? Yes… but what kind of movements are safe and supportive? Let’s look at it from two perspectives.

If You Can Do It … Do it!

As a Yoga Studio Owner, I often have Gentle Yoga students share articles or stories on the many different yoga styles we have here in Southern California: AcroYoga, Buti Yoga, Hot Yoga, etc. and want to know what I think about these types of yoga practices. I always come back with “If you can do it, enjoy it and benefit from it… Do it!” Here is Mary Cavanaugh at the age of 81 enjoying her headstand! Mary and I founded YogaJP together in 2003 and there was no way I could discourage her from doing what she loved to do!

So enjoy the things you can ‐ when you can!

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