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Last night I went to a Healthy Back Yoga class and the room was packed mat‐to‐mat with people.  The woman next to me was a first‐timer at this particular class and she asked “Do all these people have back
problems”?  I shrugged my shoulders and said “I think this represents the malady of our society today ‐ too much sitting, not enough of the right exercise, lack of attention to critical movements … and yes….stress!”

I love this image on the right because it demonstrates how our bones and joints are so inter‐related.  What you might feel as a knee or ankle issue can really be a spinal mis‐alignment in your low back. What you think is a neck problem can be a shoulder joint issue.

That is why yoga, and particularly Gentle Yoga, is so important to help get the integrity of your skeletal structure back to where it should be.  Lifting weights, walking, biking, swimming are all good forms of exercise ‐ but they
don’t work all the muscles and joints of the body methodically as a unit of movement.

And let’s not forget the calm peace of mind that comes with practicing yoga.

Here’s to your health and longevity with yoga as your lifelong companion!

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