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Who Taught You How to Bend Forward?

Think quick… who taught you how to bend forward? We do it all the time when we pick something off the floor, when we tie our shoes or when we reach for something across our car seat. We never even think much about the body mechanics of that movement until our Low Back starts to act up. Then we feel every muscle, ache, pain and stiffness in our joints.

Now, if you are 30-something, the bending stuff is probably not affecting you much. But, if you are 50+, your years of improper forward bending can be creeping up on you and you can feel it in your Low Back in the form of arthritis or other disc issues. You could take an Occupational Therapy class that actually teaches you the right way to bend forward… or you can watch this short video and re-educate yourself to this common but necessary body movement!

In this short video, learn the Body Mechanics of Forward Bending and Strengthen your Back!

This Yoga sequence and more are included on Justine Shelton’s “Gentle Yoga Therapy for the SI Joint” DVD!
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