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I love answering the phone at YogaJP because I get to speak with so many wonderful people who share with me their stories, their health hopes, and yes… a bit of their aches and pains. It is fun to guess the age of the person I am speaking with and lots of times I can tell just by their names. Sandy, Debbie, and Barbaras are probably Baby Boomers (and maybe Grandmas) like me… and Eleanor, Dolores and Florence are probably Seniors and are Grandmas and even Great
Grandmas! No matter the age – we always hang up with a smile knowing that we took the time to listen and care – person to person.

What I have learned from all these conversations over the 9 years we have been in business is that Moms, Grandmas and Great Grandmas LOVE Yoga – and here are 3 main reasons why!

1. Grandmas Need Flexibility and Stability to Hang out and Play with the Grandchildren!

2. Grandmas & Great Grandmas want to Get Around and Do the Things they Love!

3. Moms and Grandmas Need Courage and Energy to Live Their Dreams!

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