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Yoga can be FUN! Chair Yoga Dance

For some, Yoga is a Yawn! Thinking that it is only breathing, stretching and relaxing … it can seem a bit boring. Now some people like their Yoga like that! But, for those of you who like a little pep and fun – Chair Yoga Dance is for you! Once you dance one Chair Yoga Dance with Olga, you’ll be hooked!

Olga’s new Chair Yoga Dance DVD contains 9 unique and creative sequences with fun and inspiring music and lots of familiar Yoga movements. For those who feel you have two left feet or who have physical limitations, there is an “Easy 5-dance Starter Series” to get you moving at your own pace.

As they say, a picture tells a thousand words! Same with a short video! Click on the video below and watch Olga do her magic with a roomful of Yoga students. Turn up the volume, and I bet you’ll be singing and moving right along with them! This Dance and many others are included on her DVD. Order Now and add some FUN! to your Yoga!

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