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Yoga Classes for less than $5/class… Why?

Why do we believe in offering Yoga Classes for $5? Because we believe you will practice more often and feel better sooner. That’s why we packaged and priced 9 full Yoga classes in each of our new DVDs for the cost of less than $5 a class!

With your continued support in purchasing our Gentle, Senior and Chair Yoga DVDs, we have been able to purchase a new sound and camera system for filming our Live classes and workshops at our Yoga Vista Studio. We continue to share a selection of these live classes on our YogaJP YouTube channel, but we know that not everyone has easy access to them.  So, we created an “Economy Pack” with all new Gentle and Chair Yoga classes and packaged them up on a 3-DVD set for you! That’s 9 classes in each package with lots of variety!

DVD-Gentle-Deluxe1Sherry (that’s me!) leads these Gentle and Chair Yoga classes which offer gentle and accessible Yoga sequences where every class is different, but familiar. The Chair Yoga classes include both seated and standing sequences. The Gentle Yoga classes get you down on the mat so you can stretch and move more freely. And of course there are some lively sequences and even a few Chair Yoga dances! You never know what happens LIVE in a Yoga Class!

Great for Yoga Teachers or those who like a Bargain!
18 full-length Yoga Classes!

Try Both Deluxe DVDs and Really Save!
You can start with the Chair and safely transition to the Floor with familiar sequences and pacing. With 18 different classes to choose from, your Yoga practice won’t every feel redundant again!
TWO! 3-DVD Sets – Contains 18 full-length Gentle and Chair Yoga classes recorded live at the Yoga Vista Studio – Retail Price: $79.90
Your Price: $59.95
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