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If sitting is the new smoking, our high tech devices are not helping matters. More and more people are glued to their computers, cell phones or electronic gadgets for hours upon hours. What that means to our Anatomy (yes, Posture!) and our Physiology (think heart, lungs and digestive systems!) is why sitting still for long periods of time is so detrimental to our health.

For 25 years I worked in a high tech career and I saw first hand the neck, shoulders and back pain that myself and many of my colleagues suffered from. That’s why I’m on a mission to give back to this population and bring awareness and remedies.

With the help of a partner high tech company, I filmed a 5-part Educational Video Lecture Series and a library of Chair and Gentle Yoga classes specifically targeted for the aches and pains experienced from long hours of sitting or standing.

Every Tech Worker and Yoga Teacher needs to know this eye-opening information! This Video library was built to stream into conference rooms, lunch rooms, home offices and anywhere deskworkers can take a Yoga break and feel better!

Take a peek inside this Video Library with our 15-Day FREE Trial!  And send this info to anyone who is glued to their tech devices!

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