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Tired, drained, exhausted, pooped-out, beat .. are all words we use to describe that feeling of just wanting to collapse and rest. Sometimes we feel this way and we haven’t even done much physically to warrant feeling so darn tired! This is because the nervous system sends out the same signals of “flight or fight” no matter if you came across a saber-toothed tiger or you got into a fight with your neighbor.  These episodes drain our adrenaline supplies and this creates that feeling of exhaustion.

In today’s society, we tend to live in ‘flight or flight’ mode of the sympathetic nervous system, which keeps cortisol levels high and contributes to all sorts of dis-ease and disease in our bodies. To build energy, sometimes less is more. Take time to slow down and activate the ‘rest and digest’ aspect of our parasympathetic nervous system. Fill up your energy tank NOW!  with this restorative pose.

Building vitality and energy comes when our adrenal glands are working properly to regulate our hormones. Otherwise when stress comes, cortisol levels rise and we feel tired and drained. To build energy, sometimes less is more. Take time to slow down with this Yoga Therapy sequence led by Justine Shelton, AVI-Certified Viniyoga Therapist.

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