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Yoga: Should it be Cautious or Challenging?
Yoga is a lot about finding and enjoying the peace and stillness we seem to have too little of these days. But, there is something beyond the breathing, stretching, bending and twisting. I believe it is the invisible benefits of Yoga that keeps people coming back.  Yoga helps us find our inner strength and our self-empowerment! From the person who is trying to do a handstand in a Yoga class to the person who is trying to lift their leg after a stroke… both are calling on that “you can do it” coach inside of them.  That is their inner strength!

I posed a question to my Yoga class yesterday. “Should Yoga be Cautious or Challenging?” I heard a resounding … Challenging! And most of these students were 70+ years old!  There are all levels of abilities in that class and what pose is challenging for one person is easy for another. But, each person makes their own decision as to what is best for them at any given moment throughout that one hour class. That is self-empowerment!

As Yoga teachers, we are your guides, your educators, your coaches and your cheerleaders. We are helping you to build strong bones and muscles so you can be resilient in life… but more importantly, we offer up opportunities to challenge your inner strength and self-empowerment!

That’s why Yoga is so good for the our bodies, our minds AND our spirits! Go Team Yoga Go!

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