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YogaJP (Yoga Journey Productions) was founded in 2003 under the guiding principle of producing yoga videos that are accessible to all populations, no matter what physical condition, age or life stage a person may be in. We believe Yoga is a healing modality that everyone can benefit from, but found yoga video and DVD choices limited for people with no prior experience or limited physical abilities.

Where It All Began

maryshercameoFounded by Mary Cavanaugh and Sherry Zak Morris, both registered yoga teachers specializing in Gentle and Senior Yoga, they shared a common passion to spread the healing and encouraging message of yoga to untouched populations.

Wanting to make a little extra money in her retirement years, Octogenarian Mary Cavanaugh prompted our first DVD production. Little did Mary know that YogaJP’s flagship Gentle Yoga for Seniors Video Series would achieve worldwide exposure to tens of thousands of seniors and physically challenged individuals, and be positively reviewed by Yoga Journal magazine, the premiere Yoga magazine.

After 25 years in the high tech business, Sherry Zak Morris, felt the ravages of stress on her body and her spirit. A final corporate lay-off prompted her to pursue the passion that helped her gain back her health and stamina – YOGA! Sherry is the Executive Producer and CEO of YogaJP, and Co-Founder of the Yoga Vista Academy, a school for the Advanced Training of Gentle, Senior and Chair Yoga Teachers.

Bringing Our Messages to a Wider Audience

The success of the Gentle Yoga Video Series created an opportunity to expand into a broader audience that was not being reached. With the popularity of YouTube and online media, YogaJP found another way to bring yoga, health and wellness messages to even more people – right on their desktops!

Focusing on busy, stressed out people working at their desks, Yoga Journey Productions produces hundreds of short, educational videos for Take5Moment with experts from around the world who share strategies for dealing with work/life stress, injury prevention, rehabilitation, and mind/body connections, etc. A collection of these Health and Wellness Videos, as well as our Yoga DVDs are available through our online store.

And Beyond – Gentle, Senior & Chair Yoga Teacher Training

As more people come to search and find the healing powers of yoga and experience the self-empowerment of taking control of their own health – YogaJP continues to deliver the tools and information to educate those who are seeking. We work with wellness leaders and visionary companies to educate, motivate and encourage people to live their lives with energy and good health. For Yoga Teachers, the “light bearers” of hope and healing, we offer Yoga Teacher Training Materials, Aids and Workshops to advance the mission of bringing good health to all via the Yoga Vista Academy.

Come join us on our journey to Good Health, Vitality and Healing!

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