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I am on a mission to get everyone squatting and bending again. Somewhere down the line, these abilities seem to diminish with age.  And the repercussions don’t kick in until we start to get into our middle age and senior years.  Pelvic dysfunctions like incontinence, organ prolapse and prostrate issues, along with low back pain…. Are these the inevitable conditions of aging? We know there are millions of people suffering from low back pain, but did you know there is a startling increase in these pelvic conditions as well?  Something is up and we Yoga teachers are working together to understand it so we can help educate our students.

As Yoga Teachers, we help our students keep their muscles and bones strong, their balance intact and their minds relaxed.  But, we are also anatomy geeks in disguise!  We like to understand what the body does, and what happens when things go wrong.  Because it is our core belief that the body truly DOES want to heal itself!

I invited a fellow Yoga Teacher, Viki Boyko, to speak at our 3-day Teacher Training Weekend Workshop a few weeks ago. WOW!  Did she open our eyes to what is going on  “down there!”  These are must-knows for not only Yoga Teachers, but everyone!  Here is a short excerpt from her 3-hour educational, entertaining and enlightening Pelvic Floor Health Workshop!
Pelvic Floor Exercises 101 with Viki Boyko, Yoga Teacher
Pelvic Floor Exercises 101 with Viki Boyko, Yoga Teacher

Stay Informed!
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