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A group of us yoga teachers had the pleasure of listening to a panel of students share their experiences on yoga, life and growing old.  Ranging from 60 to 83, there was alot of wisdom to be shared. One
student in particular voiced what I think we all feel as we get older…

The person inside of us is SO much younger than what the person on the outside looks like!

1. Grandmas Need Flexibility and Stability to Hang out and Play with the Grandchildren!
2. Grandmas & Great Grandmas want to Get Around and Do the Things they Love!
3. Moms and Grandmas Need Courage and Energy to Live Their Dreams!

We know that people make common assumptions when they see us.. “oh, they are so old”… “oh, they can’t keep up with what is happening in the world”… “oh, they are old‐
fashioned”, etc and etc.  So many misconceptions, right?

What I gleamed from that panel of wisdom is this…”You’re Only Old Once!” so accept it, embrace it and make it an incredible chapter in your life! We can’t go back and live through the old chapters, but we can create a whole new chapter in life! Trying new things, being open to the changes around us and being “up” more often than we are “down”.

Your physical and mental health are inter‐related, thus why a weekly (if not daily) Gentle Yoga practice will keep your spirits up and your body ready for the next chapter in your life!  Enjoy the journey!

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