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Do you know that your personality and temperament get etched into your physical structure? The mind and the body dance together.  If your mind is heavy with worry, anxiousness or pain – you are bearing a heavy load and your body will take the toll. I so believe in the mind/body connection because I see it in the students who come into my Yoga studio. Since my studio caters to the 50+ age group, their is alot of worry and pain in this demographic.

One 70+ student came to my Chair Yoga class on the advice of her mental health provider. Yes!… mental health. Not because she had high blood pressure or arthritis in her knee, but rather because her mental health was causing her physical challenges.

She told me that she had been living a life of service to others her whole life… a good wife, a good mother, a good neighbor. But she broke down from the burden of caring for and worrying about others. The burden was too heavy to bear in her mind and in her body. She said she was finally ready to take care of herself and put herself at the top of the list.

Now, she is a shining bright light, doing the proverbial hula hoop, easily getting up and down off the floor and grinning from ear to ear. Her spirit is light, her mind is clear and her body is agile once again. That is the power of your Yoga practice! Yoga is a gift of health you give to yourself! You so deserve it!

No matter what condition your mind or body are in, we have Yoga video classesand Yoga DVDs that will meet you where you are!

You are Number One!


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