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Something happens to our bodies as we enter midlife. No matter if you have been a health nut or exercise fanatic your whole life, or tend toward the couch potato syndrome, or anywhere in between….. some changes seem to be inevitable. Our body feels stiffer when the weather changes, the fingers get a little tighter and harder to move, the joints get creakier and our energy level can tend to drop. Get a group of “50+ers” in a room and we can go on and on about those body changes that keep on showing up!

So what is normal aging stuff and what can we do to mitigate some of these aging nuisances? In my 10+ years of teaching to the 50+ community, here are the 4 most common issues I see:

  • Arthritis –  mostly osteoarthritis in the fingers, knees and hips
  • Balance Challenges – our reaction time decreases and we feel wobbly sometimes
  • Shoulder Pain – overdoing this joint is so very common, and it takes so long to heal!
  • Low Back Pain – lack of movement and/or over-strain can create chronic tension in this area
When I was approached by (an online Health and Wellness channel) to create a Gentle Yoga Series for 50+ series, I took the opportunity to not just string together Yoga poses.  But rather I knew I had the chance to educate the 50+ community on the hows, whys and “what can be done” for these common aging issues. View my 6-Video Series and learn more about you and your aging body! Hope you enjoy them!
Gentle Yoga for 50+ Series is offering a limited time 30-Day FREE access to my 6-video series. You can view these classes like going to an informational workshop. You can do the Yoga moves along with me, or just sit and listen and learn! My goal is to educate you and then empower you to take good care of yourself so that you feel better!
FREE! (Limited Time) Gentle Yoga for 50+ Series with Sherry Zak Morris on
FREE! (Limited Time) Gentle Yoga for 50+ Series with Sherry Zak Morris on
Keep learning!  Keep moving!
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