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Bum Shoulder? Bum Knee?

I get it now! I know why the term “bum shoulder or “bum knee” are often used to describe an area of our body that is not quite working at its optimum. It’s because that part of our body was probably injured somewhere along the way and perhaps never healed 100%. There could be scar tissue that binds the area and reduces its mobility. Or there could be misalignment that etched in during the healing process. Or perhaps we are too scared to move that area for fear of hurting ourselves again.

No matter the case of the “bum” situation, you can make it better while keeping yourself safe from re-injury. But only YOU can do that because it takes inner awareness. That inner awareness of the body is referred to as “soma” (def. the body experienced from within). This is the root word of Somatics, which is a movement philosophy that teaches us how to tune in and listen to what is happening inside our bodies so that we can unlock what needs to be set free.

As Yoga Teachers, we are simply your guides to exploring the areas in your body that need special attention. We often use the term “mindful movement” because it is the opposite of “willy nilly movement” that sometimes comes with exercising. Meaning, every movement is an exploration into your body and your body sends responses back. “That feels tight, that feels unsafe, that feels releasing, that feels good”. That inner dialog happens every time you do Yoga and you may not even be aware of it! Once you tune into that inner dialog, you will be amazed to discover the power you have to help your body heal and help your body feel better!

Your bum knee or shoulder may never be 100%, but I promise it can get better with gentle, mindful movements.  That’s why I partnered with my two favorite Somatic Yoga teachers, James Knight and Erhard Rohrmuller  The best Somatic Yoga guides on the planet!

James and Erhard
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