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From tendinitis, to bone fractures, to mastectomies…people are coming to Yoga to help in their healing process.

What is it about Yoga that helps the body heal?

Let’s look at three basic things:

  1. Circulation – Yoga gets you moving! Not just your joints and muscles, but your body processes like digestion and blood flow too. Think of the difference between a stagnant pond vs. a clear trickling brook in supporting life. That is what Yoga is to the inside of you!
  2. Breath – Every breath you take in brings in life force, and every exhale eliminates toxins. The deeper the breath, the bigger the benefit. Think of Yoga as a breeze flowing through you like a house with open windows!
  3. Structure – Whether our body gets splinted, sutured, casted or braced – these temporarily support our structural integrity as we heal. When these supports are gone, think of Yoga as your ongoing personal physical therapist helping you gain mobility, flexibility and strength once again.

    If you are on the mend, Yoga can help! Look for Yoga classes, DVDs or videos that are specifically designed to give you the support you need. Pretty soon you will be back to yourself again!

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