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If you “Work or Play” on your Computer device… you need these Yoga Stretches

Feeling kinked, locked up, tired and achy after sitting at your desk or working on your smartphone or tablet?  Join the crowd!  When we get absorbed in our “Work or Play” on our devices… time slips away, posture goes awry, and we pay the price when the day is over. Many of us here at YogaJP have the same issues and we decided to get some advice, and share some advice, on how we can move and feel better after sitting for long periods of time.

Enjoy our Movement Remedies and our Anatomy of the Deskworker Video Series to learn how you can counteract much of the physical issues you experience working and playing with your devices. Learn from specialists in the areas of Neuromuscular Therapy, Yoga Therapy, Somatic Yoga and Chair Yoga. Click for our FREE YouTube Deskworker Videos!

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