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2 Things for Arthritic Knees

Do your joints seem to ache and hurt more when the weather changes?  Is that an old wive's tale, or is there some legitimacy to this fact?  For those of you who know, I live in San Diego and we…

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The Simplicity of a Good Stretch

The older I get, the more I feel the need to stretch. And I mean a big long deliberate stretch from one end of a limb to the other. Aging can bring with it tight muscles, stiff joints, dry skin and…

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Low Back Pain Study Astounds

If you are a Yoga Teacher or a lover of Yoga.... you probably were celebrating this week when the American College of Physicians published groundbreaking clinical guidelines for the treatment of chronic pain. The paper,  Noninvasive Treatments for Acute, Subacute, and Chronic…

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Balance and Coordination equal Brain Power

I love it when people send me news articles, video links or share an interesting tidbit about health, wellness, exercise, and especially anything about Yoga and Aging. Those are the topics that spark my interest because I am keen to…

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Bone Strength: How Yoga Builds It!

As a Chair Yoga Teacher, I hear a lot of stories from my students about their health. One of the topics I love the most are the "near fall" stories. You know the ones where you almost trip, but catch…

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