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Does Everyone Get Arthritis?

A show of hands in a roomful of 40+ yr olds will unequivocally show that the majority of people have some form of osteoarthritis. The location may differ, but the common complaint of pain when moving a joint is universal.…

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Foot Yoga: Movements to Power your Brain

Foot Yoga: Movements To Power Your Brain

Did you know that 25% of all your bones are in your feet? They bear your body weight with every step and every curb you encounter. Keeping them strong and flexible is important.  But, did you know that moving your…

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Yoga can be FUN! Chair Yoga Dance

Yoga Can Be FUN! Chair Yoga Dance

For some, Yoga is a Yawn! Thinking that it is only breathing, stretching and relaxing ... it can seem a bit boring. Now some people like their Yoga like that! But, for those of you who like a little pep…

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